Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Short Cuts

Notes From the Field: SHORT CUTS from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Pure, uncut BMX life right here. It was an honor to double feature this last night, as well as be able to have this group of friends be the people I ride with on a fairly regular basis. To personality, originality, and two wheels! Oh, and here's my last edit for Country Clubbin'... peace out guys!

Ass of the 40oz from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Fuckin Helgie

Although "charbuckled" didn't make the cut, a lot of familiar Beevisms were on this person's list. Where's the beach, bro? Check the link for shits and giggles and dankles.

Where's the Beach, Bro? from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Where's the Beach, Bro? Volume 2 from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

BMX Blanket Babylon from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Stick this in your Corning Hole

I have a truck now... I want to go to there.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Country Clubbin's Customer Appreciation Award

Lost and found clips from Dave Escobar on Vimeo.

Dave Escobar may be Country Clubbin's most loyal viewer. I had the pleasure of riding with him last September, and it makes me happy that rad people enjoy this blog that likens itself to malt liquor. Fuck yeah Dave, I'll be back down south around March!

Friday, January 24, 2014

Jordan Newstuff

New home, new spots, new camera. Jordan Murdock, keeping it fresh in the park and on the streetz. Who is trying to pile in my Tacoma soon and visit this guy? He's got a pizza oven.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Don't Think Twice

Andy Maguire - Don't Think Twice from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

I heard this song hundreds of times while working at Sessions last year, and it stuck enough to make me want to use it in an edit. I think "Don't think twice" is a relevant mantra for most riders. If you're trying to hit a trick and security is on your tail, don't think twice, just do it. Don't think twice to bust a move if you're in a new place with a killer set-up, and you don't know if you'll be back any time soon. If you're trying something, don't think twice because the second-guessing will probably mess you up more. Being assertive and committed are part of the game, and I think those are two valuable qualities that many riders come away with. Thanks for watching, more to come in 2014!


This one goes out to our Canadian Comrade, Andrew Gobbo, who just shattered his knee cap to start off the new year. Get well soon buddy! Now, who's trying to go to Canada? Apparently, I can feel comfortable there with my flapping mouth and farty actions.

Gobbo Gobbo Gobbo from Chris McMahon on Vimeo.

Sunday, January 19, 2014

More, From the Land of Steinbeck


GSK - 00 from GSK on Vimeo.

Damn, so far Salinas has been running the game in terms of content from the 831. Makes me want to get off my butt and do something. I wonder what kind of stories John Steinbeck would be writing if he was alive in Salinas now...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Frist! post of the year...

Sacramento Weekend Edit #1 from Darren G on Vimeo.

Friend of country clubbin' Jordan Murdock, joined with friends of Jordan Murdock, to bring the first installment of Seek, Conquer, and Destroy. The scooter per capita in our state Capitol looks out of a hand. BTW, Happy new years, kooks!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Get It In, 2013!

It's the last day in the year, and the bay area proves it has some bosses to close the year out. I guess the video of Endo is a few months old, but I never saw it until now. Mesta, Dom, and Endo all doing what they do best. If you leave your new years resolution in the comments, you might win a 40oz of country club...

Dominic Colombini 2013 from Dominic on Vimeo.