Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving, from Kory

I'm sure most of you got this tex mex, but it was by far the best turkey day wish I could've gotten from a mobile communication device. And I, for one, am very thankful for Kory. Stuff yo self with drum sticks-n-bass!

"Turkey day! Yee-yee skeet-skeet with a few yadada sprinklez! Lol.and don't forget to watch the macy's parade.its da shit!*drum-n-bass**drum-n-bass*" - Kory

See you all on Tuesday

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fast forward to the last trick


Rays "Odd Couple" - Taj Mihelich & Jeff Lenosky from George Ryan on Vimeo.

The best way to start your day...

Joe Rich Props Interview from Least Most on Vimeo.

I try not to be overly nostalgic about BMX, but there a number of things that need to be ironed out considering how close BMX seems to be penetrating into the mainstream. Hollywood brings a very one dimensional depiction in garbage such as Transporter 3 and Mall Cop, using "death defying stunts" to dramatically differentiate their movie's chase scene from another's. LAME! While getting a little bit closer to the "core" of the sport, MTV has made a few BMX related broadcasts that are still whack overall. We should also keep in mind how MTV launched TJ Lavin's celeb-personality. I don't know about you, but BMX looks fucking lame when it's portrayed as a coming of age story centered around a group of friends who grow up and have fun riding BMX... on TV. Please, save it for Ryan Sheckler. And finally, our own media mogul, The Come Up, basically has an all you can eat buffet of retarded commentary that loosely revolves around how we should take sides based on the ways our bikes are set up, the way we dress, what tricks we do, and what we do our tricks on. If Orwell rode BMX and was your average TCU grom, he probably would say Freestyle is slavery.

This section was probably the first BMX video I saw that really had an impact on me as far as style, tricks, and overall mentality. Had I started riding now, I think I would've missed out on Joe Rich. Instead, I probably would've read a Mike Spinner interview and thought "Man, this guy really has his head on straight and his whips on lock." Probably a few years after this interview, my brother and I met Joe Rich. It was an amazing day filled with shredding all over SF. Literally, all over. We started at 3rd and Army, got lost in the Bayshore area, rode bikes all the way up to Keezer stadium, then rode back to downtown. At the legendary China grinds, we hear two riders shouting "Wait up! Yo!" and a variety of other expressions to get our attention.

We planned on staying at the spot anyways because Tim stepped up to plate at the recently capped ledge down the 16 or so stairs there, a pretty epic feat for being such grommets. Anyways, the two random BMXers hollering turned out to be Joe Rich and his brother Chris. After the initial shock, we remembered that we were trying to film my brother grind that ledge. I can't possibly imagine the pressure he must've felt while trying that. A few double pegs down weren't really making the cut, so Tim sent a perfect feeble down it first try, almost in tribute of when Joe Rich himself feebled that ledge in RF2.

What stands out the most is that Joe Rich flagged down a bunch of groms to ride. I think I was 15 at the time, my brother probably 16 or almost 17. We asked him a bunch of stupid questions like any helgie would, but he also told us crazy stories about the Gonz too. Nowadays, a lot of people pass up the opportunity to meet people through bike riding for trivial reasons like bike set-ups, clothes, or skill level. Joe Rich on the other hand was all for it. I was so stoked that night, I got off at our train stop and felt the need to bust something. 5 attempts, 3 pretty bad falls, and 1 of the soundest times I've ever slept afterwards, I grinded my first rail. Added bonus, Paul B T1 commercial

Friday, November 13, 2009

This Just In!

One more video up for your Friday the 13th viewing pleasure. Extra props to Wes and Kurt for putting up with me and my food poisoning while I was in the East Bay.

Bay Smog Edit from Wes Rhoe on Vimeo.

Fan-Boy Friday Film Fest-tacular

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

butcher ecd 4 from Skavenger on Vimeo.

Exhibit C

Xzibit D (of the Young sort)

A. It is undeniable that Mat Hoffman is the progenitor of BMX. From crazy airs, variations, and even handrails, he literally went head first to further every discipline of riding. And still does today. Hoffman will always be one of my favorite riders, and this diddy ESPN put up was a pretty good reason why.

B. Hoffman provides a perfect segue to Exhibit B. Without Hoffman, I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have Butcher. Aside from being on Hoffman for most of the their riding careers (as I assumed for Butcher), you can really see the roots take hold in street riding for what Mat planted. People complain about how Butcher rides, saying that he's super sketchy and has gross style, but I think that's kind of why I enjoy watching him ride. That's freestyle, that's raw. I would much rather see Butcher jump a triple set rail hop to flat (at 3:25) rather than Mike Spinner do a 1080 or some other no-name barn footjam dance on a quarter pipe. I guess in mythological terms (because both Mat and Butcher are legendary), the Condor is like Zeus and Butcher is like Apollo or Hermes or some shit. This post also saves all of us time because usually whilst drunk, I try to find this section on a dubbed VHS and I'm sure most of the Country Clubbin readers who've experienced this have found it pretty annoying.

C. Which brings us to exhibit C. Mr. Mesta and Sprinkles. I like to rep the homies and I was digging this edit that they threw up on the facebook. I haven't seen it on any sites yet, so maybe this is the first embed. (Country Club Exclusive going straight to my head!). Good shit out of both of them, and for some reason it kind of reminds me of the two videos above them. Riding it all, doing their own thing. One of the finer points in BMX if you ask me. Plus, if anyone knows where that crazy looking blue and tan cement park is, leave it in the comments. Place looks wild.

D. It's all in the name, Xzibit and Young D. The title of the song is called "Figure it Out." Now go "FIGURE IT OUT, HELGIE!"

Oh yeah, this is kind of cute too...

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

wika wa wika wa wiki wa wa

Country Club
Alcohol Content: ?
AKA: CC, The Club
Rep: The mysterious lost dauphin of forties.
Though consistently abused as the perfectly average malt liquor, we found CC to be a diamond in the rough. Light, creamy, clean finishing and sophisticated, you can drink this malt all night and wake up feeling like a goddamn prince.
Aesthetics: The label looks like it hasn’t been reworked since the ‘50s and probably hasn’t. It includes the international symbol for booze, XXX, wearing a little crown. Which is touching, somehow.
Trivia: The true grandaddy of malt liquors, Country Club was the first successful malt liquor in America.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Dueling Dragon Days!

I'd like to be the first Nor Cal blogger to make a post today wishing happy birthdays to the following:

- Tron
- Jackson

Happy Birthday(s), and I strongly urge our readers to wish the same too... in the comments section.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Holy Shit!

Not trying to one up the Krut post, but this link is pretty amazing. Nose candy in SF.

pretty savage

Broke Back Box Jump

Well, Broke my back in two places. FunSpot wins again

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Tell me about it!

If you click the link, the title explains it all...

...honestly, how could i not post this?