Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Hunt For Shred October

The Hunt For Shred October from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Squeezing this in at the last minute, here is some footage that has been going down over the month of October... with a little September thrown in the mix as well. Cisco did the beat, bet you can't guess which part though. Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

If you looked up 'Barn' in the dictionary...

The newest Country Clubbin' Oscar winner is nearing completion, and I promise, it will be better than this picture.

This Is Constipation

Finally finished that dump of mine, and holy hell, what a ride. That's exactly how I felt after watching this, minus the pooping. Questionable whether it will ever truly replace my loyalty to the ODI Longneck, but I might want to give these a shot since Pac. Ave. is likely to start carrying them. I think I have one more post to get out of the way, since I'm sure a lot of you are pretty tired of pictures of shorts with blown butt holes slowing down the site.

United Nathan Grip Promo from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Nose Bonks

FlyBikes - James Meliota - Portland, ME from 207 on Vimeo.

I had no idea this kid was getting hooked up by Fly, but I'm glad. I've been a fan of this kid's riding and posted a few of his earlier web vids, but this one definitely consists of some crazy weird shredding. Nollie 180 to smith to full cab? Nose press on a wall to excorcism? Snapping more spins than a Maine lobster!

CULTCREW/ Garrett Nilsson 01 from Cult Crew on Vimeo.

Yeah, me and Garrett go way back, and it's rad to see him getting the recognition he deserves... Wait a minute, that's what Kurt probably would've said! Anyways, dude's a shredder and has been blogged about on this site enough to be part of the Country Clubbin' Crew. And you know how exclusive country clubs can be.

P.S. I love blogging and pooping at the same time. Bless the man who invented wireless.

Nate Delp

nate delp from no bikes on Vimeo.

Nate came out to Santa Cruz with some friends a few months back and is a certified solid dude. Saw this edit of him on BMXboard figured it best to extend the membership of the Country Club. Simple and stylish, from a person with a good appreciation for old school Nick programming.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Eat My Shorts

Based on the buckets of water that have been dousing the 831, Fall has made its dramatic presence known. Yesterday was the first day in a long time that I've worn pants while riding the good ol' parking garage manual pad. So to send off shorts-wearing weather, here is a tribute to some of my favorite pairs of shorts that finally tattered themselves to the gates of garment heaven.

The greyboys with the half glute salute

Cut-off cargoes featuring the pull-out pocket and right leg slit

Oliver Twist Pickpocket Accessible Reverse Pocket

Trust me, you can dig DEEP into that pocket and not find shit

The post-torn rage is gonna catch on, I swear.

I never really understood why my shorts always seemed to tear at the pockets. I can't think of any time I feel on the tops of my cargo pockets (which would probably cause damage to one's thighs), but apparently that was the weakest point on this contribution from Express For Men. Designer shredding.

And the Etnies shorts. I'm pretty sure these were hand-me downs from Tony Campos, which were hand-me downs from Ruben Alcantara. Something tells me I should've put these on Ebay rather than in the dumpster.

Friday, October 22, 2010

It smells like Bigfoot's dick! part II

Here's part two of Jackson's Least Most interview, regarding his monumental contributions to the interwebs. If you haven't, buy a shirt. It's worth the money, feels great, and I recently found out that sweat stains form around Sasquatch's armpits after a hard day of shredding. It's super cute. Country Clubbin' loves Jackson Allen.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


Just in case y'all forgot, the Fun Spot in Santa Cruz is having a jam on Sunday, Halloween. Wear a costume, dooda most, and get some gear. If somebody makes it to HOW6, Fun Spot, and Clayton whilst busting at every stop, I will buy them a 40 of Country Club. It will be a rad time, so I strongly encourage all to make their way out to the 831 on Halloween!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shredder Salute

I don't particularly like posting random videos, mainly because there are other websites for that and County Clubbin' is probably the last place you should go for up-to-date cutting edge BMX news. However, this dude joins the ranks of James Meliota, Blazeguard, and Matt Olson who've previously been featured on this site for inshredible riding. So today, I salute Matt "Wall Street" Samsky.

"Wallstreet" Moon Unit Edit from Chris Bird on Vimeo.

Moon Unit Edit #1, Matt Samsky from Chris Bird on Vimeo.

Monday, October 18, 2010

1000 Posts, and all I got was this totally kick ass awesome t-shirt!

1000 posts is a whale of a number. It probably looks something like the post below. But our very own Jackson Allen turned Ahab and harpooned himself a blogging accomplishment that I'm sure nobody at Country Clubbin' can reasonably aspire. To celebrate, the Least Most commemorated Jackson's feat with an interview, pictures, video, and inspiring words, globally recognizing Sasquatch Canyon as the most fun you'll have on the internet since this... So let's all give this guy a Bigfoot sized pat on the back and brace ourselves for the 1,000,000th post extravaganza! Woo woo woo wudu

End of Summersquatch from Least Most on Vimeo.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sushi, anyone?

Today kicked ass! It was raining and too wet to ride, so Anthony, Mike and I went to Bean Hollow State Beach to see a big dead beached whale. It smelled pretty bad, but I'm pretty sure I've farted worse. And then Mike and Anthony went skim boarding in dead whale water. All in all, a great day!

Group Shot!

A child is about to be scarred for life...

Everybody's chillin' on the beach. It was a cold day.

Picnic! Good thing it wasn't a sperm whale!

If you guessed "WE OUT HERE!" as the phrase we are saying in this picture, you are correct.

Skim boarding!

To learn more about blue whales, click this sentence! To learn more about this particular whale, click HERE

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Don't Want To Know What Happened in Querque!

Cult Bikes Nate Richter from mariocarrasco on Vimeo.

Last time I heard anything about Nate, it involved guns and jail. Definitely better news right here. Let 'em blap young homie. Roll Mexican

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hoe down at the Barnyard

Barnyard Shuffle! from Andy Maguire on Vimeo.

Steppin' on dicks, 4 counts at a time.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

245th Post Extravaganza!

In honor of Country Clubbin's 245th post, I've decided to pack a bowl AKA reveal Derby on PCP to the masses. Messy Murdock and I got to shredding this bad boy the other day, but by the looks of the forecast and the house being built nearby, it may not be hitting for much longer. Either way, 831 has more spots than a cheetah! And if you're dying to find this gem, I'll give you a hint:

Too Many Posts Got You Down?

Refresh yourself with some hot drinks!

or cold drinks!

or breast milk?

Anybody else trying to work at Wendy's with me? I have a feeling Kelly will have a new appreciation for the Youtube search engine.

Kyle Frazier of Epic Proportions

I haven't ridden bikes with Kyle in a long ass time, and this was a hearty reminder that I should. The silent shredder slays the streets in a spectacle of spliced editing of spectacular caliber! HUZZZAH!!! Kyle doesn't talk like he's at the Renaissance Faire, but watch him go medieval on spots all over the Bay

Doing the Post

Inspired by Jackson's 1000th Post Party, I thought it would be fitting to put hella posts up since this blog hasn't been updated in a while. So starting off, we have the Salinas jam, which was premiered on Saturday.

The "You Better Show Up" Jam from jackson allen on Vimeo.