Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This just in...

Although my original post was completely riveting, let's not forget The Lost Boys Outdoor Movie Event and Corey Feldman's band is playing tonight at the Boardwalk! Oh yeah, TV rocker chick sensation Daisy De La Hoya from the hit show, (according to Kelly), Everybody Fucks Daisy, will also be in attendance. I think she might be in Corey Feldman's band. The band starts at 6:30, meet-n-greet at 7:30, and the movie starts at 9. WE OUT HERE!

Yeah, what he said...

Live Fast Die. from FBM BMX on Vimeo.

Very slowly, LeastMost is more and more becoming one of my frequently visited BMX-related sites. I came across this article, which linked you to a contribution on GoogleBooks. On a side note, did anybody else know that GoogleBooks existed? Although I like to say I'm on sabbatical from just about everything besides riding, the link has two essays (with a few pages missing so you actually buy the book) that center around BMX. These start on page 145 and 153. Basically it is a critical and very scholarly assessment of BMX and the action sports movement. I always thought that it would be interesting to examine the popularity of action sports in conjunction with the ethos of American values, traditional sports, and yes, even social relationships between the different classes of Americans. But according to the second essay by Kyle Kusz's, we're all just a bunch of angry white men. Yep, even you Anthony! Well, that's not really the case, but the focus of his argument is that as a result of pressures brought on from marginalized groups, white people are trying to carve a new identity that is distanced from the normal understanding of white people as oppressive, subversive, conservative, and materialistic. Action sports give us an outlet in which we can rebel from this stereotype and create our own paths. Interesting enough, this "new" identity tends to follow more traditional qualities that celebrate American heroes. These include exploring new frontiers, physical prowess, and of course, pulling off feats unthinkable to your average putz; in short, being LEGENDARY! Yet most of this searching and building appears to resort back to white people fearing that marginalized people are infiltrating their institutions, but instead of jobs and neighborhoods, it reflects upon the institution of traditional American sports. Do we consider action sports a radical or reactionary pastime as a result of backlashes and critiques of white dominance? I guess that's for you to write up your own rebuttal in the form of a scholarly essay.

I'm not sure I really agree with Kusz, but he does make some interesting points about the way BMX and action sports are becoming popular and carving their niche into American culture. He also uses "Live Fast, Die" as a resource for his research. I wonder if there will be a day in which Albert St. and Criminal Mischief will be available at the McHenry Library at UCSC.

If you've made it this far, between watching a full length FBM video, navigating hyperlinks that are often a rarity on this site, and discovering my inner nerd, then good reader, you are in luck! Here is a picture of me oppressing my white ass on a ledge in Kookertino. Good thing I didn't have Chipotle across the street before this spot, or I would've been leaking TabASSco sauce!

But wait, we're still not done. First, you readers have until Friday to comment as to which Salinas is better. Currently, George and Mario are neck and neck with a whopping one vote each. This isn't like voting for the President or anything, so take into consideration that your vote actually matters. Also, I now have wireless set up at my house, so this entire post was conducted while taking a shit. Like the American frontiersman, I'm using my Logger account to break through the barriers of social constraints and upset the natural balance of decency and blogging. Toodles!

Friday, June 25, 2010

I've gotta feelin'...

Four loco posts for one busy week in June. Tonight's gonna be a good good night. For the Santa Cruz readers, here is a pretty big hint:

It's also the eve of W.O.W. I'm sure some ogres will be trolling up the gangplanks to do battle with the forces, displaying feats of magical proportions, and consuming a lot of Rockstar energy drink. Here's the trailer, and it looks like it will be even better than last year, being free and all. Three words: Scotty Freakin' Cranmer.

Warriors of Wood II Preview from Chris McMahon | SJBMX on Vimeo.

Does anybody else Jarrod Allen? I'm sure everybody says I! Shreddily whoa!

newoldfooty from j-rod on Vimeo.

I also thought this was a pretty sick edit. I know Ashley Charles used to ride for WTP, and Ben Lewis kind of reminds me of a Jarrod/Steveo collaboration child, so here you go. Sellout Fridays will become a new trend in which we post random corporate edits that will someday make us billionaire web content promoters. Sell out the most!

Now, it's time for me to suck back a delicious kale, parsley, strawberry, banana smoothie, followed by six hours of straight meditation. Holla at jah boi!

P.S., don't forget about the video battle in the post below, I'm totally serious about it. Mario is in the lead 100%, because I'm not having that everybody should win bullshit. This is cut throat competition, winner takes all, loser forfeits the right to have the taste of hawaiian punch and mouthwash linger in their mouth as a reminder of their painful sobriety.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Country Club Resurrection

I know it seems fairly bizarre to have something like 3 updates in one week, since usually it's about a third of that every two months on this lame ass blog. But sometimes it goes down. I saw these two videos on Mario's vimeo page, straight outta Salas, so you know there's some gangsta ass riding going down. Also some pre-Jordan wrist injury footie as well, which is always rad. Enjoy! Also, to encourage viewer participation (and hopefully get more viewers that me and Luke), let's play a game. The first video is by Mario, and the second is by George. Vote in the comments whichever one you like better. Whoever gets the most votes will get a a 4Lokos of their choice at the Salinas Jam on July 3rd. Anonymous votes will not be counted. Sound good? Bet these fools didn't expect this from their video making class. Yee!

McGriddles from mario alonso on Vimeo.

salas mix x3 from mario alonso on Vimeo.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doo Zumzing!

We out here, doing all sorts of stuff at once. Just got back from Santa Ana with Mike, Anthony, Jordan, and Crazy Chris. Had a blast, saw the new Cult video, and spent hella money. The video is sick though, so sick that there is to be some sort of premiere/street ride tour on the dates listed below. We'll have more details soon, but you know the one in Santa Cruz is going to be sick. Four Locations, Four Locos, For Locals. Du sumting, du zah mohst!

July 3 – Salinas
Bear Bikes (Directions)

July 10 – Santa Cruz
Pacific Avenue Cycles (Directions)

July 17 – San Jose
Scotty’s (Directions)

July 24 – Martinez
STFBMX (Directions)

Aye Dios Miyo!

I had a moment of clarity as I sat upon my thrown last night and remembered my password, Then realized I was out of toilet paper and got in the shower. Moving back to Felix street in a month, building a new bike in a month, taking some time off work in a month?

Blue Oyster Cult Friday? let the vomit flow.

Forrest rangers are no joke, they will pop up in the middle of the wilderness and right you all sorts of tickets, including open containers and "restrict area" tickets. I owe the city a lot of money now.

here Nate explains how King Crab and Pacifico is not a crime.

turns out thats a crime too.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hella 20 inch

I don't know how I missed this one for so long, but here it is for anyone else as interweb slow as me.

Don't let the SC trolls find out this is cool, or there may be a Hyphy Hipster epidemic.

First order of business if that happens ? Nuke the bike church...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Sports Leader

I'm hoping this will embed properly, but I'm pretty psyched on how this came out. Randy Budman and I have been filming for a while and we put this together. In the bio they wanted an abridged thanks, but don't think I forgot any of you loyal subscribers... so here is the original thank you shout outs. Feel special, because you all make me feel that warm oooey gooey inside ya feel?! yee!

Any thanks? Hella, almost like that one ODB song where he thanks the eskimoes, boats, submarines, etc. But mainly my parents, my girlfriend Janelle, my brother Tim for being my mentor in riding and doing all the scary stuff first (handrails, wallrides, 360's, big gaps, eating shit), Chris McMahon for putting this edit together and being a rad dude, the homies I ride out in the 831 with ie Anthony Quiroz, Murph Dawg, Jackson Allen, Mike Hernandez, Andrew Heath, Kurt Siever, James Carpenter, Kory Thomas, Evan, Dusty, Marcus, lil D Hernandez, B-Rad, Jordan Murdock and Crazy Chris holding down Salinas, the many others around the way that stay Doin' the most ie Tony Campos, Jake Honesto, Cisco, Lydon George, Big Joey Cobbs, Jarrod Allen, Steve O, Johnny Wu, Vic from EPA, Caveman and the 4 oh Haters, Frisco Bay Cats, East Bay all stars, 707 Petaluma/Santa Rosa/North Bay connect OGs, and many more. Also shout outs to friends from school and throughout, relatives, extended family, SC trolls, kooks, lurkers, Eddie Money and annual free concerts at the Boardwalk, TronSteez, Che Holts, Roll Mexican, Pacific Ave Cycles for being the spot, Kelly Costello for pushing the limits of ornithology, Scummy Bears in Reno, and ESPN for hosting this video. If I forgot, dang my bad, I'll get you next round. Stay doin' the most and no bad days!