Thursday, September 16, 2010

I figure you guys were finally tired of seeing those knocks, so here's some pertinent imagery you might want to know about.

Salinas jam was a hit last year, especially when new socks are up for grabs. Fox sox = pure comfort.

Jordan Murdock, infiltrating BMX jihad training grounds, or so intelligence reports say... He's also abiding by the rule of turds.

SJBMX x Country Clubbin': This one's for my raccoon homies! from Chris McMahon on Vimeo.

Driving up to UCSC usually requires a right hand turn at Mission and Bay, the location of a hot new burger joint called Burger. (with a period). The prospect of eating a burger from Burger. was going through my mind the whole session, but when Budman said he'd buy me dinner for going Rider's Ready down these stairs, the choice of eating concrete, dirt, and/or deer shit was soon replaced by tender organic grass-fed Humboldt county beef with bacon, avo, and jack cheese.

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